Saturday, April 23, 2011

True Player Mentality

Inspired by Lees Summit LAX(LaCross) today! Great 2 C my boy & his friends playing their hearts out. A ruff, ruff sport but the victory was sweet. My heart went out to the J.V. goalie who stood N the second game the whole time. What a tough position! Goalies have to stay the most focused on everything in the game even when they are not in the plays, & handling the frustration of goals scored, truely a bitter pill to take again & again. Hats off to the ones who never give up! as well as Every player who takes thier position and "the game" seriously. Great concentration from these young athletes learning thier sport. I hope they carry over the desire they have shown in this sport into the rest of there activities and continue the teamwork and camaraderie they showed today. Very Good!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I have a happy Uncle Heart because Aspen wrote N her Journal about me:

My sister sent me this journal entry Aspen brought home from school. It reads "My uncle Tres is nocturnal. I love him." . You will also note that you appear to be a person of color.?..? :-)