Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Really America?

This will just be a quick rant on War.

I am dumbfounded with the stupidity of our wars on inanimate objects specifically drugs and terror. The Obvious waste of time of waging any war let alone one on something that isn't really fighting back bundled with the huge waste of resources and money that could be going to other American interests. This along with the apparent ulterior objectives here baffles my simple mind that we the people continue to allow and support these "wars".
I believe there should be NO laws restricting peoples consumption of any substance they choose. Detrimental behaviors publicly and socially will deteriorate. It's simply survival of the fittest in action. Again, you can't demonize an inanimate object. It's ridiculous.
The war on terror may have begun or maybe escalated due to an "attack" by a few men and what have we done? I don't even want to know any more of the extent of these operations. The military actions of this country sicken me and I'm not a man of the highest moral standing. The peace and freedom that innately exist will/would prevail. PLEASE, Let's STOP WASTING OUR TIME WITH WARS!